The Club offers various fundraising opportunities throughout the year to offset fees and costs associated with playing travel ball.  Participation in fundraisers is on a voluntary basis.  The largest fundraiser that all the softball teams participate in is the TJ’s Pizza Sales fundraiser that takes place in the fall.  Teams participate in their own additional fundraising activities during the year.  Popular past fundraisers include thirty-one sales, Krispy Kreme donut sales, Texas Roadhouse night, etc.


Club Sponsorship Opportunities

Your tax deductible contribution to Bluff City Athletic Club allows you to drive your donation to a specific area within the organization. The team concept is central to Bluff City’s mission and as such, donations will be accepted at the club level thereby providing maximum benefit to the many players who’ve opted to participate in our programs. Those options include contributions to the following:

Building Fund

A primary long term goal of Bluff City Athletic Club is to establish a central resource that would provide a year-around practice facility for the youths participating in our programs. Although a lofty goal, it’s critical to our mission of growing the organization and establishing BCAC as a meaningful presence in the development and growth of athletic participation in the Riverbend area.

Offsetting Players Costs

Although rewarding, participation in a select athletic league can be financially challenging. The opportunity to decrease the annual fees of participation in a select league is a constant priority to all involved. Your contribution in this area will assist in offsetting the annual costs of uniforms, equipment, and various other player related fees.

Banner Listing

Individual players sell sponsorship opportunities to have your business listed on the team banner that is displayed on the dugout or fence at games.  All proceeds from banner sponsorship sales are credited directly to the account of the player who sold the sponsorship.

Your tax deductible donations may be made to:
Bluff City Athletic Club, NFP and sent to
Bluff City Athletic Club, NFP
PO Box 782 ● Alton, IL 62002