2019 Softball Tryouts2019-08-16T22:02:09+00:00

Bluff  City would like to thank all the talented athletes that came out to tryouts for this season’s teams.  Coaches are making final decisions and 2019-2020 team rosters will be finalized soon.  If you are a player looking for a team and were unable to attend a scheduled tryouts, you may contact the coaches below and inquire as to spots remaining:

18u–Randy Anderson:  randsher3@yahoo.com

18u–Jason Roloff:   h20fowler@att.net

16u–Aaron Bowman:  bow_man11@yahoo.com

16u–Amanda  Evola:  abe71489@gmail.com

Evola has one open roster spot; ideally for a pitcher

14u–Mark Heitzman:  markheitzmanfirecrackers@gmail.com

     14u team has two open spots and is looking for pitchers

12u 07–Bill Boster and Joe Thornton: bluffcity07@hotmail.com

12u–Jeremy McCune:  jeremy.mccune@amwater.com

10u–Wendy Albrecht:  snickers1622@gmail.com

Any general questions about the Bluff City softball program can be directed to Softball Coordinator Randy Anderson at randsher3@yahoo.com or 618-540-9019