Bluff City Athletic Club

Thank you for your interest in Bluff City Athletics! Bluff City Athletic Club, NFP is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing youth in the local area with a fair opportunity to play competitive sports. Our programs teach players the fundamentals of their sport, encourage teamwork, and provide them with the opportunity to excel. Our programs currently include baseball and softball.

2019 Softball Tryouts

Bluff  City would like to thank all the talented athletes that came out to tryouts for this season’s teams.  Coaches are making final decisions and 2019-2020 team rosters will be finalized soon.  If you are a player looking for a team and were unable to attend a scheduled tryouts, you may contact the coaches below and inquire as to spots remaining:

18u–Randy Anderson:  randsher3@yahoo.com

18u–Jason Roloff:   h20fowler@att.net

16u–Aaron Bowman:  bow_man11@yahoo.com

16u–Amanda  Evola:  abe71489@gmail.com

16u Evola team has one opening, ideally for a pitcher

14u–Mark Heitzman:  markheitzmanfirecrackers@gmail.com

14u team has two open roster spots; looking for pitchers

12u 07–Bill Boster and Joe Thornton: bluffcity07@hotmail.com

12u–Jeremy McCune:  jeremy.mccune@amwater.com

10u–Wendy Albrecht:  snickers1622@gmail.com

Any general questions about the Bluff City softball program can be directed to Softball Coordinator Randy Anderson at randsher3@yahoo.com or 618-540-9019